Protective Care Givers, Our aim is to unite parents and foster a collaborative approach to raising children

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Our Services

Our aim is to provide parents with the necessary information, tools, tips, and services to monitor and regulate their children’s online behavior and activities at no cost. We strive to empower parents to ensure their children’s online safety and security in today’s digital age. This platform is to unite parents and foster a collaborative approach to raising children

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We Protect Children’s Online Safety

We provide information on various free tools such as Parental control software, apps and browser extensions that can help parents monitor their children’s online activity and behavior, as well as tips on how to use these tools effectively.

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Parental Control Tips

As online activity becomes more crucial in children’s lives, parents must monitor and control it. Though shielding kids from internet risks is impossible, free tools can help parents safeguard their children.

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We Make Social Interaction Possible

We create blog and video content to educate parents about monitoring their children’s online activities. At our platform, we value and welcome feedback and responses from parents, and offer online support.


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