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Protective Care Givers Overview

  • The objective of this initiative is to establish a blog that informs parents about utilizing free resources for monitoring and managing their children’s internet behavior and activities. We aim to reach out to parents who have kids between the ages of 7-18, as they are progressively engaging with digital devices and the online world.


Parental control tools can be a helpful way for parents to monitor and regulate their children’s internet activity. Here are a few reasons why you might consider using parental controls:

  1. Protecting your children from harmful content: Parental control tools can help you block inappropriate websites, filter out adult content, and protect your children from exposure to violent or graphic content.

  2. Managing screen time: With children spending more time than ever online, parental controls can help you set limits on their screen time, ensuring they have a healthy balance of activities throughout the day.

  3. Preventing cyberbullying and online predators: Parental controls can help you monitor your child’s online activity and prevent cyberbullying or online predator incidents.

  4. Helping your children make responsible choices: By setting boundaries with parental controls, you can teach your children about responsible internet use and protect them from making poor decisions online.

Overall, parental control tools can help provide a safer and more secure online experience for your children, while giving you peace of mind as a parent.

Yes you can use it from anywhere to moniter your kids activity.

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