About Us

About Protective Caregivers

Protective Caregivers is a platform that brings together parents and caregivers to collaborate on raising children and promoting online safety. We provide valuable information, tools, tips, and services to help parents monitor and regulate their children’s online behavior and activities. Our ultimate goal is to empower parents to keep their children safe and secure in the digital world.


Our mission is to promote online safety and security for children by empowering parents with information, tools, and services. We aim to foster collaboration in childrearing and create a safer internet for everyone.


Our vision is a world where parents are empowered to protect their children’s safety and well-being online, where children can explore the digital world without fear, and where the internet is a safe and secure space for all.


We’re on a mission to empower parents with the tools, education, and resources to keep their children safe online. Our vision is a safer digital world for all, and we’re working towards that goal by promoting collaboration and education around online safety and security.


  • Empowering parents to take an active role in their children’s online safety and security
  • Providing free access to information, tools, and resources to help parents monitor and regulate their children’s online behavior
  • Fostering a supportive community of parents and caregivers to collaborate and share knowledge about raising children in the digital age.
  • Advocating for stronger regulations and policies to protect children online
  • Promoting digital literacy and responsible use of technology among children and parents
  • Encouraging open and honest communication between parents and children about online safety and digital citizenship.

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